Experienced Professional Litigation Support

Professional  full service litigation support,  our team can provide you with the detailed information required to present your case.

We can  focus on  a range of services, including preparing trial-ready information to effectively present your evidence to get the best outcome.

Our consultants specialize in working with your  team to provide them with the  information to succeed.


 Here’s Why So Many New Zealand Law Firms Choose Omega Investigations

Whether you are determining if a case is viable or not, or your client(s) are going to court we can make sure you have all the facts, intelligence and evidence gathered so you can effectively and efficiently protect your clients.

  • Cost Effectiveness – It makes sense that you concentrate on the legal complexities of a case and let us do the background preparation
  • Flexibility – You may not have the necessary skill set, tools or the time in-house so outsource with our support services only when its needed.
  • Efficiency – We have the tools, expertise and extensive database links & networks to access accurate information quickly.


Omega Investigations are an Auckland based private investigation company who have operated for over 20 years.  Omega have an experienced team of investigators and security consultants with a wealth of experience dating back 40 years.

Litigation Support

We can provide you with litigation support in a variety of areas including:

  • Fraud Investigation – We have highly experienced fraud investigation team. We investigate all types of fraud no matter how small or large. We can prepare cases for civil or criminal prosecution. We understand methods and can assist you analyse complex matters.
  • Fraud Prevention – We can provide advice on fraud prevention and counter fraud measures. We have developed an online risk tool to assist in fraud detection. The risk tool is comprehensive and identifies a multitude of potential business risks.
  • Corporate Investigations – Including, Theft, reputation, employment.
  • Criminal Investigations – We understand law, evidence and procedure. Our investigators have had many years of investigating all types of criminal offences.
  • Employment Issues including intellectual property (IP) theft copyright, dealing with employee disciplinary investigations.
  • Integrity Investigations – We have undertaken many high-profile investigations including sport investigations.
  • Due Diligence and Asset Background Investigations – We can search in New Zealand and Australia and have global contacts to search farther afield. We conduct both straightforward and complex background investigations which can include, background investigations on people, companies, related parties, associates, matrimonial assets, searching for hidden assets, identifying hidden trusts.
  • Computer Forensics – Our forensic expert is internationally recognised. We Clone/image computers using forensic tools. Our investigators then analyse the data in preparation for civil, employment or criminal investigations.
  • Surveillance – We have a fully operational surveillance team.
  • Threat and Risk Vulnerability Assessments – Both on persons and property. We can identify threats and risks and put in measures to mitigate those risks.



We serve documents in the Auckland region. Call for pricing.


Our clients include government agencies, councils and local bodies, corporate clients, lawyers and insurance companies.


Commercial Investigation – Investigation on a large theft, imaged (copied) suspect’s computer and found damning evidence which was used in a civil case.

Matrimonial – Dispute between husband and wife where they had a lucrative business, husband secretly diverting funds to an Asian bank account.  We were able to track transactions, obtain further evidence which forced him into a favourable settlement for our client.

Omni Risk – Counter fraud tool – After years of fraud detection and prosecution we have developed a comprehensive integrity (fraud prevention) online tool called the Omni Risk Integrity Assessment.  We used the comprehensive assessment on a company to identify risks including significant risks to the reputation of the company, procurement issues, conflict of interest and potential fraud risk within the company.  We then implemented measures to prevent such issues occurring again.

Employee Theft – Middle manager committing fraud and stealing product from employer.  Investigation provided the evidence for a prosecution.


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